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night gardening

May 4, 2010

This weekend I visited my parents. After dinner on Sunday, my dad and I went out into the yard so that I could dig up some plants and bring them back to Chapel Hill with me. I left with a car-full of hostas, hydrangeas, salvia, spiderwort, echinacea, catmint, and ferns. It was dark by the time I got to Chapel Hill, so I planted everything by the dim glow of my porch light. Several times I lost track of the trowel, which was black-handled, when I carelessly dropped it in the dark soil.

ANYWAY! There are some things in life which are immeasurably improved when undertaken nocturnally. These things include:

1. Swimming (especially in hotel pools that you have broken into after hours)

2. Riding bikes down leafy streets and through quiet downtowns

3. Eating at Waffle House (or similar)

4. Highway driving (with loud music and rolled-down windows, obviously)

5. Gardening (new to the list! Benefits: night breezes, no blazing sun. That is the main benefit, actually. The drawbacks are: mosquitoes and darkness. The darkness leads to interesting landscaping/design decisions–since you cant see wtf you are doing or where you are planting things–and potential mishaps involving your feet/gardening tools and tiny, tender, delicate plants.)

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